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Outpatient Counseling

I offer individual as well as group counseling to address substance use disorders.  

IDSP Impaired Driver Counseling

When convicted of DWI  one first has an evaluation with an IDCMP and may be referred for counseling with an IDSP. I have worked as an Impaired Driver Service Provider for 20 years and am quite experienced with the process.

SAP /DOT evaluations

I am a Substance Abuse Professional and can do DOT evaluations and referrals

Contact Us

My office is located at 264 Main Street, Lincoln, NH, above and behind the Black Mountain Burger.  I share some of my space with the local Bride Project. 

Karen McNamara, LADC

PO Box 1268 Lincoln, New Hampshire 03251, United States

(603) 540-4644

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